About Santiago's

Great Food and Service Since 1991

When Santiago's opended it's doors in 1991, there were three important items that I firmly believed had to be implemented in order to set us in a league of our own.


The first was that all of the food had to be fresh, as a child I disliked leftovers. Second, was a mentality of "We only have one chance". When a customer enters the restaurant, He or She is greeted with a friendly face, the food is fresh, good, and made with care. Third, was a humble approach of not naming the restaurant after oneself, but to name it after a Saint, after all not all new businesses are successful, and we would need all the help we could get.


The rest is history, our customers would travel from different cities to Brighton to eat our food. They would insist on us opening others in their area. They would buy chile by the gallons to take to Alaska, California, and out East. They would entertain in their homes and serve our food. When purchased we would seperate all the food, chile, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes so that they could serve it fresh at home. All orders are smothered with our green chile upon arrival, so you when you arrive at home, you won't have "SOGGY FOOD".


Our Chile was made by Rachel Morales, my mother, she would roast Jalepenos on the grill, we would peel them (Our hands would burn like hell), then she would portion it out into small quantities and freeze it, so my father, Micel Morales, would be able to eat chile all year round. If it was not spicy, he would say it was not any good.


Since then we have opened an additonal 28 restaurants, so you too can enjoy one closer to you and of course all year round!


We thank you for being part of our Santiago's Family. We are extremely grateful for your loyalty and for making us the Best Mexican Restuarant in Colorado. Santiago's Customers Rock!


Carmen Morales